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The wedding gown has the magic to inspire the woman who wears it. Perhaps it is the allure of images tied to age old traditions, or perhaps it is the romantic thought of wearing the wedding gown as the start of a fairytale come true.

Nevertheless, designing a wedding gown is not easy. Our imagination cannot be as free as with haute couture collections.  Some believe that rules need to be followed.  First, a lot of people believe that the color of the wedding gown should be in shades of white.  Some have chosen to be more trendy and have used pastel hues or shades of white intermixed with a bit of bright colors. Second, the bride has to choose the style and cut of the wedding gown.  She has the choice of using a culturally  traditional design or use a more fashion trendy cut.  I believe that whatever color and style the bride chooses, a wedding gown should reflect her individuality, enhance her natural beauty and, above all, bring her great pleasure!

Flip through our magazines to know more details about our collections.  Pictures shown on these magazines were provided to us by our former clients.  Should you desire to view more pictures of my former clients, please click on the Merlene Marcelo's Brides link. Enjoy!
Melene Marcelo Brides
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